What are ball bearing drawer slides?

What are ball bearing drawer slides?


  1. Drawer runners with ball bearings.
  2. Drawer slides with ball bearings - advantages.

Drawer slides with ball bearings.

Drawer slides are one of the most common solutions in the furniture industry, used in many products: dressers, shelves, wardrobes, etc. Their basic function is to facilitate smooth opening and closing (most often drawers, but also doors or movable shelves). These devices, equipped with nylon ball bearings that smooth the movement, are usually mounted to the bottom edge of the drawer chest, thanks to which they do not disturb the aesthetics of the furniture.

drawer runners with ball bearings

Drawer slides with ball bearings - advantages.

Drawer guide with ball bearings is a very good solution for people who focus on high quality and comfort of use. Its advantages include:

  • the ability to work in a larger temperature range compared to roller guides (thanks to the smaller amount of plastic materials).
  • versatility - they can be used for many types of furniture, including those exposed to higher loads.
  • availability in various sizes.

Ball bearing runners ensure the efficient functioning of your furniture and their many years of trouble-free operation.