What are confirmats?

What are confirmats?


  1. What are confirmat screws?
  2. What are the sizes of Confirmation screws?
  3. How and what to use confirmat screws for?
  4. What are the types of confirmat screws?
  5. How to use the confirmats for furniture holes in chipboard (and more)?

    Confirmats are a type of assembly screws, which are commonly used to join various elements together. They are most commonly found in desks, cabinets, bookcases and drawers. Their construction guarantees a very durable connection. See all information about sealing elements below.


    What are confirmat screws?

    Confirmat is a name that many people may find puzzling at first. It comes from the Latin language (lat. confirmare) and has several meanings. Among them is also the meaning "to strengthen", "to confirm". Confirmats owe their name to the fact that they are used to create very strong bonds.

    According to the modern definition, a confirmat is a type of metal screw used mainly for furniture connections. It provides a rigid and strong connection between two components. The confirmat type assembly screw is characterised by a specific orifice. Due to the purpose of use of the confirmats, mainly steel, galvanised steel, nickel and aluminium-zinc alloys are used for their manufacture.

    What are the sizes of Confirmation screws?

    Confirmats are available with cross and hex head recesses. They are available in both natural and coloured forms. Standard diameters of confirmats are 6.4 mm and 7.0 mm, but you can also find mounting screws in other sizes. One of the most popular non-standard sizes is the 7.9 mm with a length of 33 mm.

    How and what to use confirmat screws for?

    In addition to their robustness, confirmat screws are characterised by their relatively large diameter. On the market there are both fully threaded or partially threaded bolts. In the latter case, the smooth part of the screw usually covers no more than approx. 1/3 of the screw length.

    Confirmats are commonly used to join chipboard, plywood, but also other wooden elements. They are suitable for rigidly joining wooden elements at right angles. Confirmats are also used by do-it-yourselfers to make various clever constructions on their own. Their use is extremely versatile, so together with a skilful handyman's eye they are suitable for many assembly jobs.

    What are the types of confirmat screws?

    This type of screw is distinguished from others by a modified cutter shape. This design reduces the likelihood of chipping of the material into which the confirmat is embedded. In practice, therefore, once set, the confirmat will provide a strong connection, which should not loosen even after a long period of time.

    How to use the confirmats for furniture holes in chipboard (and more)?

    Due to its specific construction, the process of joining two wooden elements using a confirmats looks a bit different than it would otherwise. It will be necessary to use a special drill bit for confirmation joints.

    The assembly work and joining of the two parts requires that the two elements are fixed at the same time. The drilling should take place at the same time. At the very end, it is worth remembering to leave a small ledge. A slightly wider entry will make it easier to insert the screw into the wood so that the head of the screw is parallel to the surface. On the other hand, care should also be taken that the ledge is not too deep. If you widen the hole area at the top too much, the jammer may seat at the wrong level.