Pull-out waste bin 300mm

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Pull out waste bin for 300 mm unit

In this category, we present the smallest of all pull-out kitchen waste bin designed for 300 mm cabinet fronts. Despite their small size, these products are still a great solution to help segregate rubbish at home. If you do not have large cabinets, but you would like to improve the process of segregating waste, buy one of the above products. All models are characterized by the highest quality and high durability. This means that once purchased, pull out kitchen waste bin will be able to be used for many long years!


Pull out kitchen waste bin for 300 mm unit – what does the kit contain?

Each set contains construction elements and containers for segregating waste. Some products have a colour marking (in accordance with UK standards) to help you recycle waste. The installation process is simple and you get a user manual with the product.


Pull out waste bin for 300 mm unit – for home and office

Waste segregation will be more and more common due to the fact that problems related to the natural environment are becoming more and more serious. Therefore, we recommend that you equip not only the house with a pull out kitchen waste bin like the ones presented here but also your workplace. The environment will thank you for that!


Furnica quality

We have been operating in the furniture market for many decades. We consider environmental problems as one of the most important. That is why we offer the best products that will help you segregate waste!