How to hide screws in wood?

How to hide screws in wood?


  1. How to camouflage screw heads during assembly?
  2. 5 ways to cover screws in wood


Screws provide a permanent connection between two components, but in some applications their appearance will detract from the desired aesthetics of the item being made.  So it's becoming popular to hide screws in wood, so you get functionality but not at the expense of appearance. How do I effectively hide screws in wood? 


How to camouflage screw heads during assembly?


A good way to hide screws in wood is to camouflage them. This approach is actually a bit of a short cut, as we don't make any technical modifications that would actually hide the screws or bolts. However, there are many types of wood whose structure is too sensitive and prevents major modifications. In some situations, we are also looking for a solution to hide the screws as cheaply and quickly as possible.


When choosing such a method for concealing mounting screws, we must first of all equip ourselves with masking paint and varnish. Paints come in various forms, both classic and spray. Every conspicuous screw head should be evenly covered with paint or varnish. This way we can hide the screws in the furniture without doing a lot of complicated work. It will probably never be so effective that you won't recognise the screws at all when looking at the chosen piece up close, but from a distance it will form a great effect!


5 ways to cover screws in wood


However, if you're not interested in camouflaging screws and bolts, but actually covering them up, then it's worth reaching for any of the five main methods. Please note that these methods vary in difficulty and may require different additional carpentry tools.


Method 1: Peel the piece of wood you want to hide the screw under


The first method involves gently peeling off a piece of wood. This is done partially, e.g. with a chisel with a sharp end. The width of the tip of the chisel should be matched to the size of the screw end. Close to the place where the screw will enter, apply a long and gentle stroke, as if you were peeling the skin of a fruit with a peeler. Care must be taken to feel the right moment so that the wood does not break. When the piece is deflected, place the screw in this area, join the pieces to be bonded and then glue the exposed part of the wood. The screw will be inside and therefore completely invisible!


Method 2: Drill holes in the wood


The second method is primarily for small screws. To ensure that the screw is concealed, first make holes in the wood. Do this carefully so that the hollowed-out part is in the best possible condition. Once the screw is seated, reinsert the hollow part and glue it to the head of the screw. If you are not dealing with a very soft and ductile wood, you will need to file down the hollow by about 1 mm (length of the screw head) beforehand so that everything covers nicely.


Method 3: Cover screw heads by creating details


Sometimes the best way to hide something is to distract from it. Following this method, we make the furniture connections as normal. In the end, however, we will have to make additional embellishments where the screw heads fall. This way, they are completely covered and the furniture becomes even more aesthetically pleasing!


Method 4: Turn a screw hole into a work of art


Unconventional methods are sometimes the best. Instead of concentrating on creating an even wooden surface, why not make the screw even more aesthetically pleasing. To do this, first create a small hole and mount the screw. Then try to arrange it. The filling of the hole can be made from many materials. Recently, combining natural wood with epoxy resin has become very popular. We are only limited by our own imagination.


Method 5: Use universal furniture cover caps


The last way is sometimes the least aesthetic, but certainly the fastest solution. Mounting screws in furniture can be camouflaged with standard screw caps covers. Simply insert them into the hole and... done! At Furnica you will find a lot of different colour variants of these cover caps - among them there is certainly one that will match your furniture.