Grey felt pads for furniture

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Grey felt pads for furniture are fine too

Grey furniture felt pads can be stylish as well as others. The colour is versatile and it can match with any furniture well. But the visual aspect of self-adhesive felt pads is not as important as their technical features, and they are actually full of them! The most valuable one is their protection for your floor and furniture, too. Thanks to these felt pads for furniture, you will not find any damages on your floor and your chairs or other furniture. They will be safe and totally damage-free.

No worries about the mounting

If you need round felt pads, square felt pads, or maybe rectangular felt pads – it does not matter at all, because the mounting is easy with whatever kind of felt pads you choose. If you feel like it, you can also choose the set of mixed felt pads and it will surely make your life much easier! You do not have to be afraid about the mounting process, because you do not need any professional knowledge about that. You will be able to do it by yourself and you will be done in a few minutes!



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