Hooks and coat hooks - how to install them, how high to hang them and what types are there?

Hooks and coat hooks - how to install them, how high to hang them and what types are there?

  1. Types of simple clothes hangers
  2. How high to hang a clothes hook?
  3. How do I install a clothes hook?  
  4. Where is the best place to put hangers in the bathroom? 


We are all familiar with clothes hangers in the form of simple wall-mounted hooks. This is an extremely simple and very effective solution. Times have changed, so the design of modern clothes hangers is now slightly different, but the functionality and simplicity is still the same. In the article below you will find out what types of wall-mounted clothes hangers there are, how to mount a clothes hook and where in the room, such as the bathroom, it is worth placing it.


Types of simple clothes hangers

Wall mounted clothes hangers are very simple items that require no specialist equipment or knowledge to install. They now come in a variety of styles and colours. They offer great convenience and are simply something no home should be without.

In terms of shape, you can choose from hangers usually with two or three hooks. The main mounting part is usually vertical, but there are also other models. At Furnica you will find them in various colour variations. Wall hangers are very popular:

  • satin,
  • aluminium,
  • steel,
  • brushed steel,
  • brass,
  • copper,
  • made of resistant nickel.

All clothes hooks you find at Furnica are products of the highest quality. In the set you already receive the necessary screws to mount the hooks. They are suitable for installation in rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. The elegant design means that they can also be used as clothes hooks in the office, in the waiting room of the study and in many other official and representative places.


How high to hang a clothes hook?

Wall-mounted clothes hangers can be installed virtually anywhere. Everything depends on individual preferences. Such products are basic elements of kitchen and bathroom equipment. In the first case, they will be useful during the performance of daily duties, to hang a kitchen towel, a cloth or kitchen gloves. They take up very little space, and the aesthetic design of these details means that they will not affect the overall style of the room. The height of the placement of such a towel and clothes hook is already a matter of individual judgement. The standard height is around 1.5 metres. However, we should remember that such small utility elements are to serve the household members well, they should be comfortable and guarantee good access. Therefore, it is not worth to follow the example of other installations here, but choose exactly the place for the hook installation, which will be perfect for you.


How do I install a clothes hook?  

Clothes hooks can be installed either on the wall or on a piece of furniture. If you are installing the hangers on a furniture cabinet, you will usually only need a good screwdriver for this. Mounting on the wall will require creating mounting holes with a drill. These are small items, so it is worth choosing a small, thin drill bit. As a rule, each hanger is mounted with two, sometimes one or three, screws.


Where is the best place to put hangers in the bathroom? 

In the bathroom, wall hangers can be attached directly to the sink, bathtub or shower to conveniently reach for a towel in any situation. It's worth remembering that these small furniture accessories can be hung either on the wall or on a piece of furniture. The latter option will especially appeal to people who are looking for ways to reduce the space taken up in a small bathroom. As we mentioned above, the installation of clothes and towel hooks in the bathroom to wooden furniture is done with two small screws. If the furniture is made of chipboard, MDF or similar materials, then you don't even need a drill. The screws can be screwed into the wood by hand - and that's it!

Wall hangers can be dismantled just as easily as they are installed. All you need to do is simply undo the mounting screws. The piece should then come away easily from the wall or furniture. It is then recommended to fill or repair the screw holes. If you have used an adhesive hanger, you can peel it off with your hand and gently remove the remaining glue layer with a chisel or other tool.