Furniture legs - an accessory that can make any furniture more intresting

Furniture legs - an accessory that can make any furniture more intresting


  1. Furniture legs and accessories
  2. Types and purpose of furniture legs
  3. Installation and important furniture leg elements

Furniture legs and accessories 

If you are an enthusiast of creating anclimatic room for both work and leisure - Furnica offers you interesting and original components, such as furniture legs. Used mostly for tables, coffee tables or chairs, made of the highest quality materials will ensure trouble-free, long and comfortable use of the furniture, guaranteeing its unquestionable stability and unique style and character. Well selected legs for furniture are responsible for making the furniture safe to use and stable. These elements are the basis of every piece of furniture, despite its small size. Furnica furniture legs are available in different variants in terms of shape, colour and materials.

It may seem that the appearance of furniture legs is virtually irrelevant. There is nothing more misleading - incorrectly selected products will be noticeable and will disturb the arranged space. That is why it becomes so important to take into account the appearance and fit the products not only to the specific piece of furniture to be used, but also to its surroundings. Thanks to this, we achieve balance and harmony in interior design, and newly purchased furniture legs will add nothing but charm.


Types and purpose of furniture legs 

Furniture legs can be used for any type of furniture. They are the basis of tables, coffee tables, but also of many cabinets.  The adjustable legs have a wide range of adjustment possibilities, which makes it easy to precisely set the desired height for a given piece of furniture.

Furniture legs also differ in the material they are made of. Furniture legs made of copper and aluminium or zinc and aluminium are very light.  Steel legs are an offer for people who need the most stable products. They can be used in furniture whose total weight exceeds even a hundred kilograms.

With the help of table legs you can also arrange your own desk or the entire working corner. In addition to furniture legs for tables and desks (high legs), we also offer low furniture legs with which we can assemble interesting stools, benches, coffee tables or bedside tables. Such furniture perfectly fits into the loft style, which uses a combination of metal, wood and glass.


Installation and important furniture leg elements 

For installation, you need: a base, felt pads and adjustable leg clips and furniture screws. Another way to mount furniture legs is to use fixing screws, threads or glue and dowels. A great way is also to use threaded or screwed fixing plates.