Undermount drawer runners - high comfort of drawer use.

Undermount drawer runners - high comfort of drawer use.

Drawer runners for demanding customers.

Furnica undermount drawer runners are designed for wooden drawers that move smoothly. Thanks to their high quality, they ensure the highest comfort of use. The attractive appearance of the drawers goes hand in hand with the comfort of use thanks to the invisible mounting of the guide. Furnica products stand for heavy loads. Their advantage is also a simple and quick assembly of the drawer itself - just slide on or put on.

Undermount slides are the optimal solution wherever heavy loads require stability and the highest quality. The steel profiles contain 180 steel ball bearings that, when moving, ensure the correct movement of the drawer. The ball bearing mechanism makes the drawer runners work light even under heavy loads.

Undermount runners for wooden drawer with Silent System (soft-close).

Quietly closing drawers deprive us of noise arising as a result of hitting the drawer on the furniture body. Runners equipped with the Silent System cushioning system ensure gentle closing of all drawers - be they small or large. This system is factory-integrated in the guide, which saves additional work when installing the product if you choose a guide with such a system. Furnica undermounted slides are available in lengths from 300 to even 600mm.


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Undermount runners for wooden drawer with push to open system

The "Push-to-open" system allows you to design furniture without handles. Smooth fronts are a trend in the furniture industry, which is chosen especially in the case of kitchen, bathroom and room furniture. This mechanism automatically opens the drawer after lightly pressing the front. Furnica drawer runners equipped with a push to open system are available with partial and full extension. The maximum load depending on the model is 25kg, 30kg or 50kg.