Pull out wardrobe rail - make the most of your space

Pull out wardrobe rail - make the most of your space


  1. Clothes at your fingertips

  2. Keep your wardrobe in order


The wardrobe is one of the most important furniture in the whole apartment. Planning the development of its interior it is worth bearing in mind that it is an expense for many years. Careful interior design using optimally the entire space will allow you to room not only clothes, but also bedding, towels, shoes, and even vacuum cleaner. Thanks to this, everything will be in one place.

Clothes at your fingertips

Until now, only clothes and seasonal items were stored in the upper parts of the wardrobe, which were not used throughout the year due to difficult access to them. In keeping with the spirit of the times, the manufacturers took care to provide solutions for such situations. Pull down hanging rails for wardrobes were created.

Pull out hanging rails are otherwise referred to as lowered rods for hangers, which will allow access to high hanging clothes without the need to use a stool, chair or ladder. Using a special handle located in the middle of the bar, you lower it down, and after removing the necessary clothes, just push the bar, and the rail will return to its initial position.


Keep your wardrobe in order

Rails can be adjusted to suit any wardrobe and niche thanks to the possibility to adjust their width. Its functional functions go hand in hand with an elegant and aesthetic look. The pantograph facilitates access to clothes, while maintaining an order.

The ability to load the hanger up to 12 kg will allow you to place heavier clothes such as jackets and coats on it. Keep your clothes in your wardrobe at your fingertips.