Le Mans II Arena Classic 600 Left White Corner Units - an excellent solution for kitchen cabinets

Le Mans II Arena Classic 600 Left White Corner Units - an excellent solution for kitchen cabinets


Have you ever wondered how best to organize your kitchen? Have you ever thought about how much your kitchen has potential that may never have been put to good use? The Le Mans Corner Unit is the perfect solution for you. 
LeMans is a system of movable shelves designed for the interior of corner cabinets. It is perfect for storing all kitchen accessories. In the LeMans "kidney", the shelves extend completely outside the cabinet, so we have free access to the items placed on them.

Technical description of Le Mans II Arena Classic 600 Corner Unit

Le Mans corner system has a cabinet width of 1000 mm and a front width of 600 mm. The total height is 750 mm, which can be reduced to 600 mm.
The space above the top shelf is only dependent on the height of the corner cabinet we have.
The LeMans corner shelf with baskets in the ARENA Classic line with railings, that are made from chromed round elements.
Wooden bottom of the basket in white colour is covered in non-slip transparent coating, which guarantees that no accessory falls to the ground even when the shelf is suddenly extended.
Installation on the profile rail screwed to the side of the cabinet, allows you to change the height of the shelves during use.
Choosing the right spacing between them helps us to make better use of the cabinet.
The usable surface is very large and permissible load of one basket is 25 kg.

Installation of LeMans system 

The LeMans system is easy and simple to install. 
First, you attach the axis and the side rail to the cabinet body, then hang the arms and in the last step you clip the shelves into the arms. 
Choosing the right placement between the shelves will help you make better use of the space in the cabinet. The arm and shelf support system in two places makes them able to bear loads up to 25 kg each. Even uneven weight distribution does not affect the smooth running of the system.