How to install cabinet hinges?

How to install cabinet hinges?


  1. Measurements & choosing the right hinges

  2. Choose the type of hinges

  3. Installing concealed hinges (cup hinges)

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The correct installation of cabinet hinges is critical when attaching cabinet doors. It is very important that the hinges are properly aligned and at the same time they open smoothly. FURNICA offers many types of hinges for various – large and small – cabinets. They can be installed in kitchen and room furniture. Check below what is needed to keep in mind when installing cabinet hinges!


Measurements & choosing the right hinges


At the very beginning you should start work from two things. First, it is necessary to review the various hinges and select those that best suit your cabinet. When choosing there are various criteria needed to be considered. Obviously, we know how important is the appearance of the hinges, but nevertheless their dimensions are the most significant!

Another important parameter is the door opening angle. It is the key factor that will determine whether the cabinet door will be fully openable or only partially.

Install cabinet hinges


FURNICA offers hinges for corner cabinets, which must be opened only partially, as well as hinges for block cabinets (opening angle usually up to about 60 / 90 degrees), which are opened as standard. There are also hinges with a wider opening angle, which are worth installing in convex cabinets (the opening angle sometimes can be even over 180 degrees).


It is needed to precise measure and mark the inches from the top and bottom edge. Before it, just prepare a simple tools like a ruler, tape measure or combination square to measure the distance from the top edge of the cabinet door and mark a horizontal line with a pencil. The next thing is to measure from the bottom edge of the door. As a result all markings should be even. Unless they are not, the cabinet door will not open and close smoothly!


Choose the type of hinges


The next thing to start with is the choosing the type of hinge you want to install. The hidden hinge (also known as concealed hinge, European hinge or cup hinge), as it is said, will be hidden, but remember that this kind of product will require you to drill a little hole in the closet door.

Cabinet hinges types

The traditional hinges will be visible. Thus, this products are quite easier to install. What is more, they can add a decorative touch to your cabinet. After choosing the hinges, you can start installing them!


Installing concealed hinges (cup hinges)


As we have mentioned above the concealed hinges are the best solution for anyone who would like to have hinges invisible from outside. In this case, prepare a suitable drill and drill depending on the specific material of the cabinet or door. The special bit should usually be fixed halfway down (11mm). It is worth to remember to measure and set the drilling depth earlier so as not to drill through the material too deeply!


cup hinges


When the bit drill reaches the marked drilling depth, stop the operation and move to the next hinge attachment point. When the screw holes in the door are ready, insert the hinge bowl into the hole so that the screw holes adhere to the cabinet door surface. Perform all activities slowly and carefully, constantly taking measurements to ensure that everything goes the way it should. When the holes are ready, use the temporary position marker. Allow the cabinet door to rest on the edge of the clamped board for support and simply mark the guide holes and screwing the cabinet hinges into place.

concealed cabinet hinges


The next step is to fix the mounting plates. The hinges should be inserted into the mounting plates. Usually the rods must be pressed in properly so that they are latched firmly in the mounting plates. Finally, check that everything works as it should! Cabinet doors should open comfortably and smoothly.


FURNICA hinges | additional info



Installation of traditional hinges is much simpler because they do not have to be hidden. In this situation, all steps are simplified. Anyway, if you have not used special damping hinges (also available in the FURNICA store), you can decide to buy special silencers for your cabinets. Their installation requires only one screw! Check our products now and buy hinges available at the very best prices!