How to connect kitchen worktops?

How to connect kitchen worktops?
  1. Bet on a good selection of countertops for your kitchen!
  2. Combining kitchen worktops - take care of every detail and appropriate tools!
  3. Joining the countertops and finishing works


A kitchen worktop not only creates the finishing touches of furniture, but is also a place where we prepare everyday meals. For this reason, when choosing countertops, the most important thing is their functionality and ease of cleaning. A countertop should be made of materials resistant to dirt - which, as you know, is unavoidable in the kitchen. Fat, meat, vegetables. The worktop must be comfortable and easy to clean.

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Bet on a good selection of countertops for your kitchen!

More and more people are opting for wood in their kitchen. It is durable, but it also looks timeless and unique. Still the leader in sales are stone kitchen worktops. Granite worktops are primarily resistant to high temperatures. They are also not afraid of mechanical damage.

In some houses we can meet with ceramic tiles - here the emphasis should be placed on high quality grout. On the market we still have a choice of countertops made of conglomerates - resistant to moisture, high temperatures and chemicals. When choosing the right countertop we must first pay attention to the comfort and convenience of use. For our part, we recommend primarily wood or stone - this is the right choice for years.

Combining kitchen worktops - take care of every detail and appropriate tools!

When we start assembling and joining worktops we have to take care of proper tooling facilities. What will we need? The following are useful in the work process: angle grinder, screwdriver, wood jigsaw, wood drill and bits, silicone, sanitary, wood angle and screws, measuring tape, spirit level.

The following will also be useful in joining the tops: angle grinders, dowels, shelf holders, screws, hangers, top connectors. All these accessories and other necessary accessories can be found in our shop: Worktop Fittings

At the beginning, you should proceed to a reliable cutting of the tops. In the first phase of work, it is necessary to compare whether the tabletop is of the right size. Do the pipes pass through at the place of worktop installation? What should you do then? In this case, measure the size of the hole you need and cut the countertop out with the jigsaw. Then even unusual sizes will not be a problem. Then cut out a hole for the sink and, if necessary and necessary, for the hob. Determine the distance from the beginning of the worktop to the sink or hob. Draw a shape on the countertop and start cutting.

Joining the countertops and finishing works

Combining tops requires appropriate precision and work in a sequential order. Especially in the case of corner tops we have to properly insulate the place against moisture. It is best to use sanitary silicone for this.

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We connect the tops using special slats. The slat is screwed to one part of the top with screws, and the other part is well inserted. If the tops adhere well to the cabinets we can screw the second top. Do you want to keep the whole structure stable for many years? Screw the top to the cabinet body using special angles and screws. The whole can be secured with the aforementioned sanitary silicone.

Functionality and practicality are the two most important issues in any kitchen. It is here that we prepare our daily meals, so the space available should be as much as possible adapted to our needs. The secret lies not only in the proper selection of cabinets, their heights, cookers and sinks - kitchen worktops also play a very important role. What should you pay attention to when buying them? How to combine them efficiently so that they are as functional, stable and simply useful in use as possible? Here are a few tips for you.