Furniture accessories for the kitchen - a must-have for every housewife.

Furniture accessories for the kitchen - a must-have for every housewife.

A neat and functional apartment is the goal of every busy housewife. Furniture accessories help to organize his space. Using them in a simple way also facilitates daily household duties. Which of the furniture accessories available on the market are useful when running a home?

Cargo pull-out storage baskets vs ordinary shelves.

A cleverly designed kitchen can not do without these additions made of wire of standard diameter, coated with chrome or special paint for protection. To slide them out, drawer runners are used to ensure quiet and smooth opening and closing. Cargo pull-out storage baskets are even suitable for placing in narrow and corner cabinets. They are also used as:

  • drainers,
  • fridge trays,
  • dishwasher cutlery trays,

If we want to place cargo baskets in our kitchen, it is worth thinking about it at the design stage. Then we will easily adapt them to the size of the cabinets and plan their location in our kitchen.

Containers - the secret of organization.

Drawer inserts and cutlery trays are useful in various situations: when cooking, cleaning or storing meals. They facilitate the efficient organization of housekeeping, which in turn saves cleaning time - every item has its place. Effective segregation is ensured by:

Instead of looking for the kitchen utensils you need in a hurry or segregating waste in several different baskets, we choose the right type of garbage container with two, three or four chambers, or drawer organizers for forks, spoons, knives or cake forks.


modern kitchen cabinets furniture accessories

Draining board for order during washing.

Sometimes it is better to wash by hand - when we wash delicate tableware, wooden and aluminum kitchen tools or we want to do it quickly as in the case of individual pots or a cup of morning coffee. The dishes need to dry somewhere, which is why the producers have prepared a wide selection of dish drying racks suitable for furnishing our kitchen:

  • standing draining board (to put in on the kitchen worktop)
  • draining board for top / upper cabinets
  • draining board for bottom cabinets.


Drawer systems and runners to tame small things.

What features should a good drawer have? It is worth paying attention to such properties as:

  • load - modern drawers should carry a weight of 30 kg - when they have a solid attachment and are made of good material
  • drawer slides/runners - smooth slide movement, silent closing and opening, and full extension facilitate the use of the drawer
  • size - the longest of them are adapted for 120 cm wide cabinets and the narrowest for sizes equal to 15 cm

A good drawer system can replace some cabinets. It also helps streamline the organization of the most-needed items in the kitchen, which speeds up household chores.

A useful accessory in the form of wall hangers.

Hangers in various shapes and sizes are particularly suitable for small apartments, where every unnecessary thing gives the impression of a mess. The most popular places for these furniture accessories are the hallway and the bathroom, but we increasingly appreciate them also in the kitchen - for hanging towels, kitchen gloves, aprons, and shopping bags.

A selected wall hanger will make it easier for the household members to access the necessary things, and its appearance can spice up the interior.

Modern furniture accessories are not an unnecessary luxury. Their practicality and aesthetics mean that after testing, they often become a permanent element of home furnishings. Especially without some parts of our kitchen equipment, it is simply difficult to do without knowing that such facilities exist.