Effective drying of dishes - where to start?

Effective drying of dishes - where to start?
  1. Materials from which dish drainers are made
  2. This choice makes everyday household chores easier
  3. Hanging or standing - which cutlery drainers and dish racks to choose?


A well-equipped kitchen is not only an attractive room, but above all - functional - one in which you can freely prepare meals and also eat them. In addition to the space for cooking and eating dishes, the design should also include a comfortable space for washing dishes.

To ensure that the dishes dry faster and the water dripping from them does not soak everything around, reach for the dish drainer. Thanks to it, the washed dishes will not stick to each other, which will significantly speed up their drying.

Materials from which dish drainers are made

The draining board can have different shapes. It is also made of various materials, but stainless steel is definitely preferred. It is also often covered with an additional plastic or powder coating. The cutlery drainer is often made of plastic. It's a container in which you can put wet cutlery. As a result, water drips onto the stand, and the vertical position makes the cutlery dry faster.

Faster drying of dishes can make washing easier.
In this category we have collected cutlery drainers and dish racks, thanks to which you can arrange a fully functional kitchen. The products we offer will allow you to conveniently wash and dry washed dishes. Such kitchen equipment will make even the least liked home activity become less onerous.

This choice makes everyday household chores easier

By choosing one of the draining boards we offer, you will be able to dry the plates and glasses after washing. Thanks to this, you will avoid having to wipe all dishes dry with a cloth, which will significantly save your time. Dish drainers also protect furniture, including the inside of the drawer, from damage. They could be caused by wet cutlery or dishes placed inside the cabinet or drawer before they dried. The dish drainer will therefore extend the life of your furniture.

We also thought about containers in which you could (in a practical and convenient way) dry the washed forks, knives and spoons. Cutlery drainers available in our offer are containers that will not take you much space in the kitchen, and are ideal for drying forks, knives and spoons.


Hanging or standing - which cutlery drainers and dish racks to choose?

Both draining boards and drip trays are available in two basic types: hanging and standing models. Each of them has their pros and cons. It's worth knowing about them before you decide on one of the options.

A hanging draining boards is a very common element of the kitchen. It is almost always placed in a cabinet. This makes it unobtrusive and is an aesthetic part of the equipment. Unfortunately, the tumble dryer hanging in the cabinet dries dishes a little slower. This is mainly due to the enclosed space in which the objects are located. What's more, it also takes up a lot of space, especially since a two-level dryer is most often designed for building-in. In its place could be an ordinary cabinet for kitchen utensils.

cabinet draining board

A standing dish rack is a good alternative when you have a slightly larger kitchen. Such a dryer takes up a lot of space on the worktop. Optionally, you can opt for a sink drainer that will save some space. Certainly drying thanks to this type of drip tray takes place very quickly. The dishes are not covered and the moisture does not circulate in a closed circuit.

However, if you care about the aesthetic value, it will not be the best choice. The dishes are always in view. Such a dish dryer does not look very aesthetically, and also creates the impression of a mess in the kitchen.