Drawer runners - which to choose and what to look for?

Drawer runners - which to choose and what to look for?

Put the drawers in motion.

An inseparable element of kitchen, bathroom or room furniture are drawers, which allow for effective segregation of items and storage - both large and small. Drawers are easier to keep tidy than large and deep cabinets, often with insufficient shelves where you need to gymnastics to get anything out of the end. Drawers, on the other hand, are easier to find by pulling them out of the body of a piece of furniture.

So what to pay attention to when choosing drawer slides? Below are the basic parameters that will make your decision easier.

1. Maximum load capacity.

When choosing guides for drawers, specify what you will store in it. This is especially important for kitchen drawers, where more often items such as plates and pots are no longer stored in cupboards. For heavy objects, the load capacity of the guide must be adequate so that the drawer moves lightly and efficiently. It is worth noting that the wider the drawer, the more things we will store in it, and thus its load will increase significantly. Overloading the guide bar may lead to distortion and even breakage. Then we have to take into account the costs associated with their replacement.

slides load capacity

2. Pulling the drawers out of the cabinet.

The slide extension tells you how far the drawer will extend beyond the body of the furniture. Most manufacturers offer full or partial pull-outs. Full extensions are particularly suitable for shallow drawers, where access to the rear of the drawer is difficult. A full extension will allow the drawer to be fully extended to the length of the entire slide. A partial extension, about 3/4 of the length, can be left in the high drawers, provided that we do not store tall items in them, such as kitchen containers, where it will be impossible to remove the last one under the rear wall without taking out a few other ones at the front.

full extension partial extension drawer runners furnica

3. Additional functions.

Some models of slides have additional functions. One of them is a quiet and gentle closure. This prevents the drawer front from slamming against the furniture body. This significantly increases the comfort of using the cabinets, as well as the push-to-open function, which allows the drawer to be opened with a gentle press of a button. This solution is particularly useful in the case of kitchen furniture, where we often need to open the drawer with our elbows or knees. Closing is done by pressing down on the front of the drawer.

4. Type and method of assembly.

When choosing slides, consider the type of drawers to which they will be fitted. You can choose between roller slides. Most often chosen because of the ease of installation and their low price, where you can pay for a set a couple of pounds. Their disadvantage, however, may be a low load capacity, most often up to 25 kg and partial extension. This is a good solution for small drawers, where we will store light objects in order not to expose the slides to distortions. The mechanism used in roller slides makes the drawers move quietly, so it is worth thinking about them in furniture in the bedroom, living room and child's room.

Ball-bearing slides are a solution that can be used in virtually all furniture due to their high load capacity of up to 50 kg. Ball bearing slides with partial and full extension are available on the market. It is worth noting the models equipped with a quiet and gentle closure, e.g. Furnica's Set of Soft-Close Ball Bearing Slides (left and right), H45 or guides with the "push to open" system. If you are looking for high quality and comfortable slides, you should pay attention to them, because they are more tolerant of temperature range than roller slides.

In order to expose and emphasize the beauty of the wooden sides of drawers, it is worth using undermounted slides. Invisible fixing to the bottom will make the drawer look beautiful. The Furnica slides have a load capacity of up to 35 kg. You can choose between full or partial pull-out models with a silent closing or opening function at the push of a button on the drawer front. Make sure that your wooden drawers in your home are finished in style.

assembly of runners furnica

Using the above tips we will be able to enjoy smooth and easy walking drawers. However, the wide range of slide lengths available will allow you to install them in shallow furniture from 25 cm deep to very deep - up to 70 cm deep. Adjusting the load capacity of the drawer to the items stored in it will ensure trouble-free operation of the drawer, and the chosen push to open system or silent closing system will ensure high comfort of use of any furniture.