Desk grommets - the best solution for any cables disorder!

Desk grommets - the best solution for any cables disorder!



  1. Furnica's offer of cable grommets
  2. How do cable grommets work?


Desk gromets enable you to organize and sort all kinds of cables and wiring. Desk grommets come in different shapes - square, rectangular and round. The shape of the product can be customized according to individual taste.You can mount them to a desk, TV cabinet or any slelf. The cable grommets reduce mechanical damage by providing partial sealing of the cable. The use of the desk gromments stiffens the cable so that it does not bend and does not allow the insulation layer to break and the risk of electric shock.


Furnica's offer of desk grommets

We have many different types of desk grommets in our offer, which will be great for apartments, houses, and also for offices or schools.Wide range of colors and shapes allows you to choose the cable grommet according to your own preferences.
We have in our offer such colors as: natural aluminum, white, brown, chrome gloss, black, inox, satin nickel, brushed steel and gray and shapes: round, square or rectangular desk grommets. They are made of various materials - alluminium and metal are the most common. Our cable grommets are avaible in miscellaneous diameters, e.g. 60 or 80 mm.

How do desk grommets work?

After buying the desk grommet you won't have to worry about disordered, twisted cables. Grommets include brushes that prevent cables from moving. After closing the flap of the grommet, you can place the cable in the required place.The cable grommet can be readily placed on the desk, on a floor or on a shelf.