Confirmat screws - types, application, characteristics

Confirmat screws - types, application, characteristics


  1. Confirmat screws - assembly elements of almost every furniture piece
  2. Screws with a drill and a milling cutter
  3. Confirmat screws with a cross recess PZ3
  4. Extensive use of high quality products


Confirmat screws - assembly elements of almost every furniture piece

Self drive dowels (confirmat screws) belong to the group of furniture accessories that significantly increase the functionality of furniture. These metal screws are perfect for assembling and making desks, cabinets, tables or shelves. Confirmat wood screws are also perfect for repairing various furniture. You can use them to make a lot of interesting furniture. These products are solidly made of durable materials. This guarantees high strength and reliability at every stage of using the screws. They are available in different sizes. This makes it possible to choose according to personal preferences and needs.

Screws with a drill and a milling cutter

Screws with a drill and a milling cutter are used to connect together furniture bodies and drawers without drilling and without countersinking. The biggest advantage of these screws is the speed of work and very high structural strength. They are characterized by changed blade geometry, which allows for much faster drilling. Thanks to this, we save time significantly. In addition, these screws have changed shape of the cutters. The pocket milling cut significantly reduces the risk of laminate pinching when twisting chipboard. Assy screws have a threaded length of 33 mm, head diameter is 7, 9 mm. Screws of a different head length and diameter are available. A wide range of different screws will satisfy even the most demanding people.

Confirmat screws with a cross recess PZ3

Noteworthy are also confirmat screws with a cross recess PZ3. They have a 3.0 mm head hole for a 5mm hole. These furniture screws were made of galvanized steel. Thanks to this, they are very durable and will last for many years. The head shape of these screws is conical. The diameter of the handle is 7mm, while its length is 38mm. These screws consist of a slotted head and a threaded shaft with a cylindrical shape. These self drive dowel screws are great for constructing and repairing various furniture. This type of screw is designed for connecting at right angles to chipboard. They have a relatively large diameter and a rare thread, thanks to which they perfectly harmonize with the middle layer of chipboard. Furniture screws differ in length, diameter or type of nest. Thanks to this, it is much easier to adapt the appropriate configuration to your needs.

confirmat screws

Extensive use of high quality products

It is worth mentioning that the confirmat screws are perfect for making solid furniture joints. They are useful both when turning and dismantling. The most important advantage is their material. Low-carbon galvanized steel is an extremely durable and solid material. Thanks to this, the furniture screws are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage. And the furniture made through such connections are very solid and will certainly serve in excellent condition for a very long time. Such specialized screws usually find their replacement for perpendicular joining of two furniture boards.

When choosing furniture accessories, we first consider their quality and the material from which they were made. No less important is their practicality. It decides whether the use of an accessory will work in everyday use of the furniture. Among metal items, self drive dowels screws are perfect for joining. It's an irreplaceable accessory during construction, finishing, or simply DIY in the workshop. The presented metal connectors are distinguished by specialist applications.