8 inch (214mm) drawer slides ball bearing H17 (right and left side)

8 inch (214mm) drawer slides ball bearing H17 (right and left side)

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Technical data: Ball bearing drawer slides 8-7/16 inch (214mm) H17

Producer: Furnica
Length: 8-7/16 inch (214mm)
Height: 11/16 inch (17mm)
Material: Zinc coated steel
Material Thickness: 1.0m
Max Weight: 22 lbs (10kg)
Additional Mechanism: Rubber brake
End Extension Lock: Yes
Color: Zinc
Quantity: 2 (right and left side)


Runners are devices that perfectly improve the movement of individual movable pieces of furniture relative to each other. First of all, they are perfect for applications such as sliding doors or drawers. Additional solutions used in the runners increase their quality, improve use, and make the runners significantly increase in importance.

Technical data of the runners

The runners that are available in our store are high-quality parts that have been made of galvanized steel. The use of such material significantly affects their durability and usability. Offered elements are 17 mm high and 214 mm long. Their maximum load capacity is 10 kg. The package includes two sets of runners: right and left. In the case of drawers, two are always installed on both sides of the furniture. Additional equipment elements include rubber brakes and end extension lock. The brakes prevent the drawers from closing too much and moving too much. They protect against blows and bumping against other furniture elements. The lock prevents the drawer from accidentally falling out of its place.

Assembly and use

Installation of the runners is extremely simple and easy. It takes little time and does not require much commitment. Importantly, it also doesn't require professional knowledge or skills. At the same time, using the runners is very easy and pleasant. It causes the drawers to slide out easily, but also without fear that they will fall out or they will snap shut too much. The use of runners is not only convenient, but also beneficial, useful and safe.