16 inch drawer slides ball bearing H27 (right and left side)

16 inch drawer slides ball bearing H27 (right and left side)

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Technical data: Ball bearing drawer slides 16 inch H27

Producer: Furnica
Length: 16 inch (400mm)
Height: 3-1/16 inch (27mm)
Material: Zinc coated steel
Material Thickness: 0.8mm
Max Weight: 33 lbs (15kg)
Additional Mechanism: Rubber brake
Full-extension: No
Color: Zinc
Quantity: 2 (right and left side)


Ball-bearing drawer runners – 400 mm; H27

Drawer runners (400 mm; H27) with ball bearing mechanism are a standard and reliable version of furniture runners. These types of guides are commonly used in the furniture industry. Certainly among the furniture, you have around you are drawers held in place by such ball-bearing drawer runners. In this case, however, the highest quality of the product deserves attention. The guides are very durable (zinc-coated steel) and will serve you for many years. An additional advantage is a simple installation. Universal sizes make it a very wide range of application. The product in these sizes fits perfectly into various types of drawers of living room, bathroom, kitchen and office cabinets.

Drawer runners – order them in bulk

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