Soft-Close Drawer System, HIGH, H: 7-5/16 inch, 24 inch Silver

Soft-Close Drawer System, HIGH, H: 7-5/16 inch, 24 inch Silver

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Technical data: Drawer System Soft-Close 24 inch

Length: 24 inch (600mm)
Height: 7-5/16 inch (185mm)
Material: Steel
Full adjustment Vertically and horizontally
Max Weight: 88 lbs (40kg)
Additional Mechanism: Soft-Close
Full Extension: Yes
Color: Silver
Including: Side rails and fixing screws


Soft-close drawer system, HIGH, H: 7-5/16 inch, Silver, 24 inch

Whatever you need, you can be sure that you will find it here. These drawer slides are made to make people extremely happy with their purchase – and they really do serve their purpose exceedingly well! They are fully adjustable (horizontally and vertically), and they also have a function called full extension, which we are sure that you will love the most, right next to the soft-close drawer system. These features are something that will definitely make your life better.

Peaceful life can be here in a moment

If you are done with noise and cracking sounds every time you close your drawer, soft-close drawer system will help you. As it was mentioned above, there is nothing besides the full extension that you will love more than that. Soft-close system mutes the noise, so from now on, closing the drawer will not be a problem anymore. Aside from that, full exttension will give you the full access to your drawer, so you will not have to get annoyed that you cannot find something, because everything will be visible and in the reach of your hand.