Soft Close Top Cabinet Lift System (L+R), White/Nickel

Soft Close Top Cabinet Lift System (L+R), White/Nickel

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Technical data: White/Nickel Top Cabinet Lift System

Approximate front height (250-400mm) (9-13/16 - 15-3/4 inch) Choose Light variant
Approximate front height (400-500mm) (15-3/4 - 19-11/16 inch) Choose Medium variant
Approximate front height (500mm) (19-11/16 inch) Choose Strong variant
Material: Steel
Color: White/Nickel


Top-Strays – lift systems for heavier cabinets and more

What system of closing and opening cabinets can be considered the best? First of all, one that works silently, steadily and very smoothly, no matter how heavy the furniture front is lifted! Here we present the lift system for kitchen cabinets and other Top-Strays cabinets. The product can handle very heavy furniture fronts and can be left open for a long time without any problems. There is a possibility of minor adjustments to the opening angle. Very simple installation (all components included) - the product is installed to the sides of the furniture. These furniture lifts are very reliable and designed for versatile use.

Cabinet lift systems – amazing white-nickel colour version

White-nickel version is full of elegance and modernity. In this colour version, we are dealing with an almost shimmering product, shimmering in the light, which is a perfect decoration, so there is no need to cover this element. Cabinet lift systems Top-Strays with soft-close mechanism guarantee smooth operation and noiseless closing of furniture fronts. And they also guarantee the best visual effects! However, if you prefer other colour versions, be sure to check out our other Top-Strays lift systems!