Soft Close Top Cabinet Lift System (L+R), Graphite

Soft Close Top Cabinet Lift System (L+R), Graphite

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Technical data: Graphite Top Cabinet Lift System

Approximate front height (250-400mm) (9-13/16 - 15-3/4 inch) Choose Light variant
Approximate front height (400-500mm) (15-3/4 - 19-11/16 inch) Choose Medium variant
Approximate front height (500mm) (19-11/16 inch) Choose Strong variant
Material: Steel
Color: Graphite


Probably the most durable lift system for cabinets – Top-Strays

Top-Strays locking and opening systems are a completely innovative technology that translates into a much higher comfort of using the furniture. Mounted on the sides of cabinet fronts, these cabinet lift systems can withstand unusual weights, and therefore can be used not only for typical kitchen cabinets but also for heavier wardrobe built-in or external cabinets and many other things. Strong, durable cabinet lift systems Top-Strays guarantee very smooth work at the same time. We only feel a slight resistance at the beginning, then the wardrobe opens smoothly. What is very important - in such an open cabinet position it can last exactly as long as you want. It will not cause any deterioration of the item.

Graphite cabinet lift systems – technical parameters

Top-Strays locking and opening systems are products recommended for furniture fronts with a maximum width of 48 inch. The dedicated height of the furniture varies between 10 and 20 inch. Thickness from 16 to 28 mm. Very easy and intuitive installation is noteworthy. It is possible to adjust the support strength of the cabinets. Choose this product to make the daily opening of cabinets as easy as possible!