Self-Adhesive Felt Pad 1-3/8x1-3/8 inch

Self-Adhesive Felt Pad 1-3/8x1-3/8 inch

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Technical data: Felt Pad 1-3/8x1-3/8 inch Self-Adhesive

Size: 1-3/8x1-3/8 inch (35x35mm)
Color: Black, Brown, White
Thickness: 1/8 inch (3mm)
Quantity per sheet: 18 pcs


Self-adhesive felt pads 35x35 mm – practical and reliable

Sliding chairs, unstable table legs, cupboards moving involuntarily - all these are small things, but in fact, they can be quite disturbing and irritating. The solution is to reduce slipping of furniture and chairs, which you can do with the self-adhesive felt pads presented here. On this page, we propose products in the size of 35x35 mm in a square shape with slightly rounded corners. The shape of these felt pads means even greater versatility of use. In practice, such felt pads can be easily stuck to a furniture leg, a furniture footrest or the end of a free-standing electronic device or RTV device. You decide. Pads made of the highest quality felt have a very strong adhesive, thanks to which they will not come off during use.

Non-slip felt pads 35x35 mm – versatile and useful

Fittings and furniture accessories are Furnica's speciality. In our store, you can order felt pads as well as other products, in bulk or individually. When ordering one product here, you will receive 18 self-adhesive felt pads (35x35 mm). Choose what's best. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.