Metal Shelf Support Peg ZnAl

Metal Shelf Support Peg ZnAl

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Technical data: Metal Shelf Support Peg 3/16 inch

Material color: Nickel (G02)
Material: ZnAl
Diameter: 3/16 inch (5mm)
Designed for: Shelf
Quantity: 1 piece


Metal shelf support Peg ZnAl

Are you looking for a way to easily mount a shelf on the wall? Well, actually there are many possibilities! One option is to use a simple metal shelf support. Such a product is mounted directly in the wall, so you need to drill a hole beforehand with a drill and drive in the support pin. The installation method is very simple. The metal shelf support inserted into the hole will simply support your shelf steadily. You don't have to do anything else - just place the shelf (wooden, aluminum, metal) on such a metal shelf support!

Simple metal supports for different shelves

The presented solution is very universal, so it can be used for various types of shelves. Made of highest quality zinc-aluminum alloy, this metal shelf support Peg is covered by a nickel layer (G02). Very low price, complete failure-free operation, practicality, and durability are the features that perfectly describe the presented product. Remember to check out other furniture accessories available in the Furnica online store. Choose the best quality now!