Self-Adhesive Anti-Skid Pad 4-3/4x9-7/16 inch

Self-Adhesive Anti-Skid Pad 4-3/4x9-7/16 inch

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Technical data: Anti-Skid Pad Self-Adhesive 4-3/4x9-7/16 inch

Size: 4-3/4x9-7/16 inch (120x240mm)
Color: Beige, Black, Grey, White
Thickness: 1/8 inch (3mm)
Quantity per sheet: 1 pcs


Self-adhesive skid pads – 120x240 mm

Self-adhesive anti-skid pads are very practical furniture accessories with universal use. They are used for various pieces of furniture and objects in order to limit their slipping. However, a thin pad of this type costs pennies but can work wonders. Due to the highest quality of the product, you do not need to replace this self-adhesive anti-skid pad - it will serve perfectly for many years. You can put non-slip pads under any piece of furniture or electronic equipment - under the dishwasher, under the washing machine, under the refrigerator. Thanks to this, every item, electronic equipment as well as particular furniture, will gain a lot of stability.

Best versatile self-adhesive non-slip pads

The self-adhesive anti-skid pads 120x240 mm presented here are a solution to many problems. However, if you are looking for specific non-slip felt pads under chairs or tables, check out our other products - we can ensure that we have exactly what you need.