Confirmat Screws - 1/4x2-3/4 inch (150 pcs)

Confirmat Screws - 1/4x2-3/4 inch (150 pcs)

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Technical data: Confirmat Screws - 1/4x2-3/4 inch (150 pcs)

Material color: Zinc
Material: Zinc coated steel
Length: 2-3/4 inch (70mm)
Screw diameter: 1/4 inch (7.0mm)
Socket type: HEX 4
Quantity: 150 pieces


Confirmat screws 7.0 x 70 mm 150 pcs – the best choice for any woodworks

Get the highest quality confirmat screws made of high-quality zinc that are used in furniture assembly industries everyday! These professional confirmats are perfect for various furniture connections - joining boards, chipboards, or plywood. The sizes of confirmates sold here are 7.0 x 70 mm. On this page you can buy a bolt set consisting of 150 bolts. However, if you are looking for a set of 200 or 1000 confirmates sized 7.0 x 70 (or other), check out the other categories of the Furnica store!

Confirmat screws for furniture – the highest quality and low prices

The main goal of Furnica is the ability to offer very good quality products at attractive prices. Every day we supply dozens of customers with furniture accessories, also confirmat screws 7.0 x 50 mm. We serve individual clients, companies, the furniture industry, and wholesalers. When choosing to shop at Furnica, you can be sure that you are buying very good and practical confirmations at a very good price!